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Journal “Technique and Technology of Silicates”

 Journal “Technique and Technology of Silicates” is published from 1994.

Aim of the journal: to publish the actual information on modern technology, economics, news of science and technology, communications of new raw materials and products; the journal presents: the results of research on the properties and performance of binder materials and concrete, ceramics, glass and enamels; the latest analytical methods; major reviews.

The themes which the journal aims to cover are:

·   chemistry of cement, concrete, ceramics, glass and enamels;

·   theoretical bases of technology include composite materials;

·   fibrous materials;

·   coatings and films on base of inorganic coats;

·   the investigations of young researches and specialists;

·   information on conferences, seminars which are carried out by producers and users of products, books, reviews and text-books on chemistry and technology of cements, concretes, ceramics, glass, composite materials.


                             Editor-in-Chief KRIVOBORODOV Yu. R.,

Dr. Sci., prof., D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (MUCTR),

Miusskaya sq., 9, 125047, Moscow, Russia. E-mail: ykriv@rambler.ru


 Editor-consultant KOUZNETSOVA T. V.,

Dr. Sci., prof. E-mail: tkouzn@mail.ru


Honorary Editorial Board MAKI I.,

prof., Nagoya University, Japan. E-mail: iwao-maki@jcom.home.ne.jp


                           Publishing advisory board

BURLOV Yu. A., JSC «Podolsk-Cement», general director, Dr. Econ. Sci.; GUSEV B. V., president of REA, academician; KOLESNIKOV V. A., MUCTR, Dr. Sci., prof.; KRASNY B. L., JSC «Bakor», general director, Dr. Sci.; SOLINOV V. F., JSC «Research Institute of Technical Glass», general director, Dr. Sci., prof.; SOLNTSEV S. S., FGUP «VIAM» GNZ RF, adviser of general director, Dr. Sci., prof.

                                     Editorial board

 BELAKOV A. V., prof., MUCTR, Moscow (Belakov@muctr.edu.ru); BOBKOVA N. M., prof., Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Belarus (keramika@bstu.unibel.by); VERESHCHAGIN V. I., prof., Tomsk Politechnical University (vver@tpu.ru); KURDOWSKI W., prof., Academia Gorniczo-Hutnicza, Krakow, Poland (wkurdowski@immb.com.pl); MELKONYAN P. G., academician of RAEN, foreign member of Armenian Academy of Sciences, prof., MGGU, Moscow (mrg-kanazit@mail.ru); NIYAZBEKOVA R. K., prof., L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian University, Astana, Kazakhstan (rimma.n60@mail.ru); PALEARI A., prof., University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy; SAMCHENKO S. V., prof., MGSU, Moscow (samchenko@list.ru); SANITSKIY M. A., prof., Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine (msaniytski@ukr.net); SVIDERSKIY V. A., prof., National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”, Kiev, Ukraine; SIVKOV S. P., Ph. D., Associate Professor, MUCTR, Moscow (sivkov@rctu.ru)

 Issue: 4 number a year.

 Subscription: Union catalogue «Press of Russia», index 87947.

For authors

Journal «Technique and technology of silicates», issued since 1994, publishes original materials on a wide range of technique and technology of silicates (chemistry and physics of binders, ceramics, glass and enamels; modern technologies in the production of binders, glass, ceramics and enamels; properties and application areas of modern materials; fibrous materials; coatings and films based on inorganic non-metallic materials). It provides support to graduate students, doctoral students, young scientists and specialists of industry and publishes their works in the first place.

Articles for publication no more than 10 pages may be submitted to the editorial office at the address: 123514, Moscow, street of Heroes Panfilovtsev, 20, building 3 «Silicate faculty», Krivoborodov Yu. R., or sent by e-mail: tкouzn@mail.ru, journal_tts@mail.ru. The text of the article should be typed in Microsoft Word and saved in the format *.doc or *.rtf (Microsoft Word v. 6.0, v. 7.0). Insert illustrations in the body of the article is not allowed. Graphs and charts must be made using Microsoft Excel (for graphs and charts necessary figures to build). Illustrative material should be saved in separate files.

All transmitted material in electronic form (in any medium) must be accompanied by a printout of one copy in Arial (the spacing between lines 1.5–2, size 12–14).

Key words (in Russian and English) are given in the beginning of the article.

Bibliographic references in the list of references should be arranged in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 7.0.5-2008.

Abstract (in Russian and in English) is a summary of the main contents of the article (lines 5–8) is attached on a separate page.

You must submit the following information for all authors of article in Russian and English: surname, name and patronymic (in full), place of work (full and abbreviated name of the institution), position, academic degree, address with postal code (office and home), phone numbers (office and home), e-mail address.

The article must be signed by all authors.

For authors

The order of review articles

1. All submitted to the editorial board of the journal «Technique and technology of silicates» manuscripts undergo peer review.

2. Get acquainted with the manuscript editor and a member of the editorial board on the profile of received articles, a decision is made about the direction of the reviewer.

3. Reviewers may be members of the editorial board or staff of universities, industry research institutes, specialists of industrial enterprises, as a rule, have a degree of candidate or doctor of sciences with sufficient experience stated in the article, science is familiar with the requirements of the editorial board to the published materials. Reviewers should not work in the same organization with the author (authors) of the article.

4. Together article the reviewer sent a memo, in which it is reported that should be reflected in the review.

5. The reviewer submits a review, at their discretion, or in any form, or by the proposed revision form.

6. The content of the review is considered by the editorial board, which renders one of the decisions: 1) accept the paper for publication without amendment; 2) send the paper to the author for corrections of the reviewer's comments; 3) reject the paper (with the obligatory motivation).

7. Reviews are kept in the office for five years.

8. The editorial board is obliged to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation for admission the corresponding request.

Editor-in-chief of journal

«Technique and technology of silicates» Yu. R. Krivoborodov

The order of review articles


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